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Monday, 26 August 2013

April #2 Extended Teaser!!!

To celebrate reaching 1000 followers on Twitter, I am sharing an exclusive teaser from April Book 2!! I will be revealing the title, cover and synopsis in the next few weeks so stay tuned!!

Enjoy ;)

"Are you ready for desert?"
I sat up, "Oooh, we're having desert?"
He raised his eyebrow and I immediately understood what that meant.
Communication by eyebrow.
"Ah ha, that kind of desert."
"If you mean the delicious kind then yes. I've heard that it's your favourite."
"Well you've heard right."
He gave me a cocky grin, "I don't blame's just so smooth and creamy."
Two can play that game.
"I love how it melts in my mouth" I replied, trying to keep a straight face.
"Oh really? I need a demonstration." He stood up and walked towards the kitchen. A few seconds later, he reappeared holding something behind his back.
"What are you hiding?" I asked.
"Your desert, of course."
I narrowed my eyes, "I'm starting to think that we've just been talking about two different things."
He shook his head and revealed the tub of chocolate body paint.
I laughed, "We are so not doing this."
"We so are."
"You're crazy" I told him.
"Crazy for you."
"Stop trying to sweet talk me."
He winked, "Good one. I see what you did there, sweet talk...chocolate. Now take off your clothes."
"But how will you know if I'm just using you for your chocolate?"
He slowly sauntered towards me, never once taking his eyes away from mine. My heart began to race as he bent down and whispered in my ear, "I'll take the risk if you take off your clothes."
"Deal" I replied, before pulling my top up and over my head. I wriggled out of my jeans making sure that I never broke eye contact with him. It was pretty pathetic how turned on I could get just by looking at him. His intense glare ignited something deep inside of me. It was like there was a circuit running from his eyes straight to my crotch.
As the seconds ticked by, it was quite obvious that we were in some kind of competition, both refusing to be the one to look away first.
I hated losing.
I raised my eyebrow, challenging him, as I unfastened my bra and let it fall to the floor. He took a deep breath and I watched the torment in his eyes. 
This was easy.
"It's okay, you can look" I said, innocently.
"You play dirty."
"Just how you like it."

Copyright 2013 Karli Perrin

Disclaimer: This is unedited and subject to change or removal before publication.

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